October 28, 2016
October 28, 2016
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Hyper Silver | Machined Lip
17 x 7.5, 18 x 8.0, 19 x 8.5

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A classic mesh design, Cheetah is the most enduring and popular wheel style that Speedy has offered over many years now. The classic centre styling is complimented by a wide outer lip.

17 x 7.5ET35-455-Stud Semi Blank750kgs
17 x 7.5ET355/114.3730kgs
17 x 7.5ET455/114.3730kgs
17 x 7.5ET455/120730kgs
18 x 8.0ET35-455-Stud Semi Blank750kgs
18 x 8.0ET455/100730kgs
18 x 8.0ET355/114.3730kgs
18 x 8.0ET455/114.3730kgs
18 x 8.0ET455/120730kgs
19 x 8.5ET35-455-Stud Semi Blank750kgs
19 x 8.5ET355/114.3730kgs
19 x 8.5ET455/120730kgs


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