November 15, 2016
December 1, 2016
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Tungsten Grey
16 x 7.0, 17 x 7.5, 18 x 8.5,
20 x 9.0, 20 x 10.5

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Hammer is designed with it’s bold and powerful looks, to be a perfect match for the current crop of Australian and US bred V8 RWD muscle cars. Available in stagger sizes to provide a wider and more purposeful vehicle stance, Hammer is the ultimate wheel choice for today’s modern muscle cars.

16 x 7.0ET35-455-Stud Semi Blank760kgs
16 x 7.0ET384/100690kgs
16 x 7.0ET385/114.3690kgs
17 x 7.5ET35-455-Stud Semi Blank760kgs
17 x 7.5ET355/114.3690kgs
17 x 7.5ET455/114.3690kgs
17 x 7.5ET455/120760kgs
18 x 8.5ET30-425-Stud Semi Blank760kgs
18 x 8.5ET355/114.3690kgs
20 x 9.0ET30-455-Stud Semi Blank815kgs
20 x 10.5ET30-465-Stud Semi Blank815kgs


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