15 November 2016

Speedy Wheels Accessory Range

Speedy Wheels prides itself not only in supplying a diverse range of wheels, but also in offering a wide range of high-quality wheel accessories. All of […]
15 November 2016

What Is Wheel PCD

The most important element of wheel manufacture is the bolt pattern or ‘PCD’ (pitch circle diameter) of the wheel. The bolt pattern of the wheel must […]
15 November 2016

Speedy Wheels – Industry Leading Warranty

Speedy Wheels’ industry leading product warranty guarantee is offered with all of our products. We offer both a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Five-Year Pro Rata […]
15 November 2016

Speedy Wheels Upgrading Wheel Nuts

If you are looking to refresh the appearance of your aftermarket wheels, simply adding new wheel nuts will help to brighten up a tired looking wheel. […]
15 November 2016

Speedy Wheels – Centre Bore Locators

Often overlooked, centre bore locators are very important when upgrading your wheels. A common problem is encountering vibration after upgrading to a set of aftermarket wheels. […]
26 August 2016

Speedy Wheels 2016 Isuzu D-Max

Recently, Speedy Wheels acquired this brand-new 2016 Isuzu D-Max LS-M 4×4 Auto Crew Cab and naturally, its been given that Speedy touch. With a dual-cab body […]