March 28, 2017
March 28, 2017
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Dark Gunmetal
17 x 7.5, 18 x 8.0, 19 x 8.5

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Butane is a natural design choice for many late model European vehicle makes, such as Audi, Opel, Skoda, Volkswagen and the European inspired Ford Focus and Mondeo. The sophisticated Euro mesh styling of the Butane wheel, compliments the body styles of many popular imported vehicle models. Finished in a distinctive dark gunmetal finish, Butane enhances the appearance of many of today’s most popular 5 stud passenger cars and suits a wide range of vehicle fitments.

17 x 7.5ET405×100760kgs
17 x 7.5ET405×105760kgs
17 x 7.5ET405×108760kgs
17 x 7.5ET405×112760kgs
17 x 7.5ET405×114.3760kgs
17 x 7.5ET405×115760kgs
18 x 8.0ET355×114.3760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×100760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×105760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×108760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×112760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×114.3760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×115760kgs
18 x 8.0ET425×120760kgs
19 x 8.5ET35-455-Stud Semi Blank 800kgs