Desert Rat 2
October 11, 2016
Desert Rat 2
October 11, 2016
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Desert Rat 2


White | Red & Green Pinstripe
14 x 6.0, 15 x 7.0, 15 x 8.0,
16 x 7.0, 16 x 8.0

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A benchmark product in terms of build quality, finish and materials, the Taiwanese made Desert Rat 2 steel wheel range is manufactured by an original equipment steel wheel supplier, to the vehicle manufacturing industry. Constructed to OEM quality standards using premium heavy gauge steel, each wheel type meets or exceeds the American DOT test standard.

14 x 6.0ET185 x 108890kgs
14 x 6.0ET145 x 114.3890kgs
14 x 6.0ET145 x 120.65890kgs
14 x 6.0ET146×139.7890kgs
15 x 7.0ET-65 x 114.31180kgs
15 x 7.0ET65 x 120.651180kgs
15 x 7.0ET-155 x 139.71180kgs
15 x 7.0ET-156 x 139.71180kgs
15 x 7.0ET56 x 139.71180kgs
15 x 8.0ET-245 x 139.71180kgs
15 x 8.0ET-246 x 139.71180kgs
16 x 7.0ET55 x 1501250kgs
16 x 7.0ET06 x 139.71250kgs
16 x 7.0ET306 x 139.71250kgs
16 x 8.0ET05 x 1501250kgs
16 x 8.0ET-286 x 139.71250kgs
16 x 8.0ET-56 x 139.71250kgs
16 x 8.0ET256 x 139.71250kgs

wheel-magician_smlClick here to use the Wheel Magician to check wheel fitment suitability for your vehicle. Appearance of wheels may vary according to wheel size illustrated. Please ensure tyre load index does not exceed wheel load capacity.