October 10, 2016
October 10, 2016
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Satin Black
16 x 8.0, 17x 8.0, 17x 9.0, 18 x 9.0, 20 x 9.0

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Outlaw is a tough military inspired design. Total blackout can be achieved with the Satin Black finish by substituting the standard chrome hexagonal bolt heads with black, or you may opt for a splash of colour by substituting with red hex bolt heads. Popular fitments include Amarok, Navara D40 and D23, Ranger, BT-50, Jeep Wrangler, Colorado, D-Max, Triton, HiLux 4WD and 2WD Hi-Rider models and their SUV derivatives Landcruiser 76, 78, 79, 80 series & 100, 105 series live axle models and Patrol Y61 models.

bolt-headsBolt heads available in Red as shown or in Black as an option at no extra cost. Must be specified at time of order

16 x 8.0ET0BLANK1180kgs
16 x 8.0ET05 x 1501180kgs
16 x 8.0ET06 x 139.71180kgs
16 x 8.0ET256 x 139.71180kgs
16 x 8.0ET33BLANK1180kgs
16 x 8.0ET426 x 139.71180kgs
17 x 8.0ET25BLANK1180kgs
17 x 8.0ET256×139.71180kgs
17 x 8.0ET33BLANK1180kgs
17 x 8.0ET336×114.31180kgs
17 x 8.0ET426×139.71180kgs
17 x 9.0ET0 to ET20BLANK1150kgs
17 x 9.0ET136 x 139.71150kgs
18 x 9.0ET10 to ET20BLANK1150kgs
18 x 9.0ET136 x 139.71150kgs
20 x 9.0ET10 to ET20BLANK1150kgs
20 x 9.0ET136 x 139.71150kgs