October 10, 2016
October 10, 2016
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16 x 7.0, 16 x 8.0

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The Territory wheel was developed primarily for use by the mining industry and serious offroad enthusiasts… where strength, toughness and high load carrying capacity are prime requisites over arduous terrain. Territory is recommended for many early and late model 4WD models engaged in high load carrying or towing applications.

load-rated-1400kgTo maintain the safety and performance of your vehicle, it is essential when choosing new aftermarket wheels, to ensure your new wheels of choice either meet or exceed the OE wheel load capacity rating, under which your vehicle was ADR complianced. If in doubt, use our WheelMagician online wheel selector tool, to confirm which Speedy products comply and are recommended for fitment to your specific vehicle model.

16 x 7.0ET05 x 1501400kgs
16 x 7.0ET06 x 139.71400kgs
16 x 7.0ET306 x 139.71400kgs
16 x 8.0ET05 x 1501400kgs
16 x 8.0ET06 x 139.71400kgs