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15 November 2016
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Speedy Wheels Upgrading Wheel Nuts

If you are looking to refresh the appearance of your aftermarket wheels, simply adding new wheel nuts will help to brighten up a tired looking wheel. Not only do they form a big part of the overall appearance of your wheels, but those nuts or bolts are the only thing holding your wheels to your car, so it’s definitely worth paying attention to them.

There are many different types of wheel nuts to choose from so it’s important to choose the right set for your car’s wheels. When choosing wheel nuts, there are a number of different factors to consider. These include the thread size and pitch needed for your specific vehicle, most importantly, the seat type needed for your wheels, the required dimensions of the wheel nut in both length and hex size, as well as your preferred finish for the wheel nut or bolt. Speedy carries both chrome and satin black finishes across the range.

Also, you will need to ensure that the hex size of the replacement nut or bolt’s head size matches the hex size of the wheel brace in your trunk. Speedy also offers adaptor sockets to cater for differences between the hex size of the nut or bolt to mate with a differing wheel brace hex.

At Speedy Wheels, we stock a wide range of wheel nuts and wheel bolts to suit most aftermarket wheels. If you’re upgrading your aftermarket wheels you can be assured that we have the correct wheel nut or wheel bolt to suit you. Our wheel nut types range from closed tapered nuts, open end tapered nuts, hex drive tapered nuts, closed spline drive tapered nuts and mag nuts (including washer). Our wheel bolt range comprises closed tapered and ball seat bolts, hex drive tapered bolts and closed spline drive tapered bolts.

We even stock lock nuts if you’re looking to add just that extra bit of security. Our lock nut sets come in all the above types and include the matching key, which is security coded and replaceable if lost. The majority of our wheel nuts, bolts and lock sets are of one piece forged construction and manufactured to finite tolerances to provide greater strength and reliability in service.

If you’re wanting to add a bit of security, or you simply just need an extra set, we here at Speedy Wheels have got you covered.

– See more at: https://www.speedywheels.com.au/accessories/speedy-wheels-upgrading-wheel-nuts/#sthash.60RwdkpH.dpuf

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