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Find out more about Speedy Wheels.

Vehicle with Speedy Wheels.

Speedy Corporation Pty. Limited is privately owned and was founded in 1999. The company imports, warehouses and distributes automotive steel wheels, alloy wheels and wheel accessories.

The company markets these products under the Speedy Wheels brand, within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands aftermarket industries.

Speedy Corporation Pty. Limited also provides specialised logistical services for the tyre industry, from it's company owned state of the art warehouse and distribution complex at St Marys, in Sydney.

Our origin story:
From battlers...

Though 'Speedy Wheels' in its current form has only been around since 1999, the company itself can trace its roots back to May 1957 with Mr Tonkin and an old rusty disused tin dairy shed in Brighton, a suburb in south Sydney.

Mr. Keith Tonkin was the owner and operator of a small, family run automotive wheel repair business, specialising in repairing bent and damaged steel wheels as well as widening, or 'banding' steel wheels. At that time, aftermarket wheels as an industry was still in its infancy, so modifying your existing wheels to be wider was the order of the day.

Wheels with Speedy Wheels.
Speedy Wheels Warehouse.

to legends

From the most humble of beginnings back in 1957 to the present day, Speedy Wheels has gone on to become an iconic brand within the Australian Automotive Aftermarket, with our products distributed across the country. We have built up Speedy Wheels' reputation for quality manufacturing and engineering excellence, through innovation in design, technical superiority and a range of value for money products, all backed up by a quality warranty that demonstrates our trust in the final products.

Wheels with Speedy Wheels.
Wheels with Speedy Wheels.
Wheels with Speedy Wheels.
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