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Lifetime structural warranty

Speedy Wheels structural warranty

All Passenger RS, Passenger and 4WD Speedy Wheels distributed by Speedy Corporation Pty. Limited (“Speedy”) are manufactured in accordance with and tested to conform to internationally accredited standards and as such, are covered by a Lifetime Structural Warranty to the original end-user against manufacturing faults or defects in the structural body of the product.

The Lifetime Structural Warranty does not cover structural failure from abnormal wear and tear, overloading or exceeding the wheel's stated load capacity, pairing with tyres of a higher load capacity than the wheel, over/under tyre inflation, wheels which have been repaired or machined other than by Speedy or the original manufacturer, incorrect torquing and use of wheel nuts or bolts other than Speedy Wheels brand, owners negligence or abuse, impact damage from being driven upon pot holed road surfaces, or over road surface hazards and any wheel used for motorsport purposes.

The Lifetime Structural Warranty provides free replacement to the original end-user.

Vehicle with Speedy Wheels.

Five year pro-rata warranty on finish

The Five Year Pro Rata Warranty on finish for wheels and accessories warrants against faults, defects or degradation to the product's surface finish and is contingent upon the original end-user's proper care and regular maintenance of the product.

The Five Year Pro Rata Warranty on Finish will be deemed void if chemical or abrasive cleaners are applied to the product, if cleaned with a commercial type high pressure water hose and or if the vehicle has been driven through acidic road wash or exposed to salt water conditions. Wheels which have been repainted are also void of warranty in regard to finish.

The Five Year Pro Rata Warranty provides free replacement to the original end-user for a period of twenty four months from the initial date of purchase. The remaining thirty six month warranty period will be subject to a compounding replacement charge, calculated in twenty five percent increments and levied each subsequent year, based upon the original purchase price of the goods.

Australian consumer law

The goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Goods repaired or replaced if the Goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

For the purpose of the above statement, 'You' means the original end-user of the products and 'goods' means the products referred to in this Premium Warranty.

The benefits to the original end-user given by these warranties are in addition to other rights and remedies of the original end-user under a law in relation to the goods or services to which these warranties relate.”

Regular maintenance

We recommend polishing the wheels at the time of purchase with a quality automotive wax to aid with future cleaning. Pay particular attention to the inside area of the rim where brake dust tends to accumulate. Cleaning with warm soapy water on a weekly basis and re-waxing once monthly will ensure that the quality finish unique to all Speedy wheels and accessories, is maintained indefinitely.

Speedy Wheels spare parts and repairs policy

Spare Parts for our products may not be available after one (1) year from the date the range or product is superseded. Facilities for the repair of the products will not be available.

Claim return procedure

A return authority must be requested and supplied prior to return, in order for the goods to be identified and tracked during and following, the return process. Return authority authorizations are issued by the company's National Operations Manager – Steve Morling, who can be contacted by phoning (02) 9833 5055 or by email to

Only those goods carrying a return authority number will be accepted for receipt by Speedy. No claim for goods returned will be accepted, if at the request of Speedy, the purchaser cannot supply Proof of Delivery confirming receipt by Speedy.

Claim inspection procedure

Original end-users who suspect that a wheel may be faulty, must have a copy of their purchase invoice as Proof of Purchase and should contact a certified Speedy Wheels dealer for an initial warranty inspection. To locate your nearest Speedy Wheels dealer, go to the Speedy Wheels website and click upon the “Dealer Locator” icon and follow the prompts.

Or alternatively, contact our Technical Services Manager – Jeremy Bancroft by phoning (02) 9833 5055 or by email to Digital images of the claim good/s can be sent to this email address, by the end-user or dealer for direct assessment and improved response lead time.

If the goods appear to be a warrantable claim following an initial inspection by the dealer, or from digital images sent to the Technical Services Manager, then the goods should be sent to Speedy for a final inspection as per the Claim Return Procedure.

Speedy's technical personnel shall be the sole arbiters in assessing warranty claims. No other representation will be binding on the Company.

Claim return address

  • Attention – Technical Services Manager
  • ABN 65 084 819 661
  • 5 – 9 Anne Street,
  • ST MARYS NSW 2760 Australia

Claims which do not qualify for Warranty after final inspection will be returned. In any event, forward and return freight shall always be at the owner's expense in all Warranty situations, unless specific arrangements have been pre-approved by Speedy in writing.

To the extent permitted by law, no warranties other than those contained above are offered by the Company in respect of it's Speedy Wheels range of Passenger/RS and 4WD wheels and accessories.

Acceptance of the product by the original end-user at the point of sale, is acceptance that the product has been supplied in good order and condition prior to being driven upon.

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