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Off Road Fitments

Often, there is a significant difference between a wheel you want to run, compared to a wheel that is legal in your state or territory, with many jurisdictions specifying how far you can go as far as wheel width, wheel diameter and altering your track width.

We understand that in many situations such as off-road, motorsports use, show car applications and other situations you may want a more aggressive fitment.

We've independently tested and verified many fitments to suit various vehicles, and while our wheel selector shows wheels that meet all country-wide requirements for legality and on-road use on stock vehicles, our sales team can go through your vehicle specifications and find alternative wheel sizes to suit your application. We can also take into account whether your vehicle is modified, such as with guard flares or extensions.

Speedy Wheels recommend that our customers check with their local legislation and state guidelines to ensure their vehicle meets all roadworthy requirements, and Speedy Wheels accepts no responsibility for incorrectly sized wheels.

When purchasing any wheels for your vehicle, make sure that the wheel load rating meets or exceeds the requirements, as stated in your owner's manual or on your tyre placard.

Regardless of what wheel you put on your car, ensure tyre load index meets the requirements set by your manufacturer.

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