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26 August 2016
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Speedy Wheels – Centre Bore Locators

Often overlooked, centre bore locators are very important when upgrading your wheels. A common problem is encountering vibration after upgrading to a set of aftermarket wheels. This is because more often than not, the new wheel is not centred to the wheel hub of your vehicle and even though balanced correctly, will experience run-out.

Wheels that come with the car from the factory do not encounter this problem as OE wheels are made to match the vehicle’s hub dimension. Mass produced aftermarket wheels are generally designed to fit over the hubs of many different vehicles. Using a centre bore locator ensures that there is no run-out when the new wheel is installed on the vehicle, thus eliminating vibration.

– See more at: https://www.speedywheels.com.au/accessories/speedy-wheels-centre-bore-locators/#sthash.KEH0X7at.dpuf

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