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Custom Machined Wheel Offsets

One service that sets us apart from other wheel manufacturers is our dedication to getting the perfect fitment, every time. We try to design a product for every application, but sometimes in the modified car scene, off-the-shelf wheels just won't do, and to stand out you need a custom solution.

Welcome to the Machine Room.

Custom Milled Offset Wheels

If you're trying to fine tune your wheel fitment down to the millimetre but you're not finding a wheel in our catalogue that suits, ask us today about our custom wheel machining services.

Speedy Wheels offer a wide range of blank wheels and semi blank 4, 5 and 6 stud designs in sizes from 15x6.5 through to massive 20x10.5 wheels that are available to order as custom machined and drilled to suit your unique application.

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A wheel blank receiving custom machining at the Speedy Wheels lathe room.

Each style we carry has different dimensional constraints on how much can be safely machined. If you see any wheels with a range in the offset field in the available size chart, send us a message about custom machining wheels to suit your needs.

Custom Drilled Wheels

All of our custom machining work is done in-house at our warehouse in St Marys, NSW and our custom machined wheels are supplied with the same warranties as our off-the-shelf products.

If you're looking for wheels for that tough to buy-for vehicle with a rare or unusual stud pattern, reach out to our sales team today.

Speedy Wheels offer blank and semi blank wheels that can be precision drilled to suit your unique stud pattern.

If you have a vehicle with an uncommon PCD and are struggling to find wheels to suit, enquire today about our custom machining and wheel lathe services.

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Wheel Milling
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