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Types of Wheel Finishes

Our wheels are available in a wide variety of finishes to perfectly compliment your car and taste.


The classic mirror polish is a timeless wheel finish, one that is often associated with muscle cars of old. Classic polished metal is a very time-intensive process, where a raw part is sanded by finer and finer abrasives until the surface is levelled out into an impeccable shine through polishing compounds and cloth.

No wheels in the Speedy Wheels' current design catalogue feature classic hand-finished polished finishes and, we opt for a more modern machined-finishing techniques.

Machine Cut

So, if Speedy Wheels don't offer wheels with polished finishes, what process do we use to get that shine?

Machine Cut finishes are done using tooling made with synthetic diamonds. This has the flexibility of not only being able to replicate a fine, reflective surface, but the process can also be modified to create other finish types such as the almost iridescent finish found on wheels such as our Assault and Liberator that look amazing when rolling down the road.

All of our machine cut finishes are protected by a clear coat that provides protection against the elements, resists corrosion and makes our wheels easier to clean.

Powder Coat

All of the Speedy Wheels range of steel wheels come in a durable and stylish powder coat that resists corrosion and discolouration.

Powder coating is a process where the part is connected to a voltage source that is negatively charged, while a positively charged powder is blown over the part by a special powder coating gun.

This electrical difference makes the powder attracted to the part, where it sticks in uniform, self-levelling layers.

After the wheel is coated, it is loaded into a large oven and heated. The power will melt and become the glossy, thick and durable coating you've come to expect from a powder coated part.

Powder coating does not require a second protective layer over the top, as the powder coat is more than hard enough by itself.


Many of our wheels feature coloured finishes that are created with paint. Depending on which wheel design you opt for changes how much of the wheel is painted and with what colour.

All of our painted products are protected by a clear coat that keeps UV light away from the paint and aims to prevent discolouration over time, much like your car's bodywork.


Aluminium can be coloured by a process known as anodising. Anodising takes advantage of the properties of aluminium products by using electrolysis to erode the fine surface layer of a part to later accept dye from a heated bath of distilled water.

After anodising, the process leaves a layer of ultra hard aluminium oxide and the dye permeates below the surface of the part, so the colour won't be scratched off in a similar way to paint, which mechanically adheres to the surface.

The colour of anodised parts can still be affected by harsh cleaning agents, which can cause unsightly fading that is impossible to repair.

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