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What are Hub Rings?

Factory wheels neatly self-centre themselves over a small circular ridge on the hub surface. This ensures the wheel is perfectly aligned and minimises any chance of wheel installation errors.

The issue is, that different vehicles have different sized hubs and different sized locating spigots, and so to maximise vehicle compatibility, the centre bore of aftermarket wheels must be large, or larger than most spigot sizes. This leaves the wheel studs and nuts to perform dual duty as both clamping pressure and centering devices.

This can be dangerous, as wheel studs are not designed to handle side load forces.

In theory, the pressure generated from torquing the wheel nuts up to specification should provide more than enough friction to prevent the wheel from moving around, it's during the installation that a hub ring is beneficial to perfectly align the wheel and hub.

Hub Rings

Hub rings also help keep the wheel aligned and centred in the unlikely event that you have a wheel nut or two come loose. If you're using a properly sized locating ring, and you unfortunately have some wheel nuts back off, the weight of the vehicle is still supported by the hub, similar to how genuine wheels are mounted.

Without a hub ring, the studs take the full load of the vehicle and risk snapping in the event of a loose nut or bolt.

Speedy Wheels custom manufactures hub rings to suit your application from a high grade aluminium alloy.

Visit our hub ring store page today to find a ring size to suit your needs.

Reach out to our sales team today via email ( or phone on 1300 657 957 to discuss hub rings to perfectly suit your needs.

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