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Wheel Cleaning Help

We love our cars, and love to keep them in tip-top shape and looking great. Dirty wheels can make or break the look of your car.

We recommend coating your Speedy Wheels at the time of purchase with a good quality automotive wax to aid with future cleaning.

When detailing your wheels, pay particular attention to the inside area of the rim where dust tends to accumulate. Your wheels are often the dirtiest part of your car as they are constantly exposed to the elements, like corrosive brake dust and road grime.

Do not use commercial wheel cleaners on machined and clear coated finishes. Most spray on, hose off cleaners, are acid based or heavy alkaline and will quickly burn off brake dust, but severely damage the clear coat, especially the machined face area where small white spider webs will appear under the finish.

Once clear coat and paint corrosion begins, the finish will continue to deteriorate over time and never recover. The only permanent fix for webbing in a clear coat is to strip the wheels and re-coat them, a potentially expensive repair.

Never clean wheels when they're warm just after driving. Ensure your wheels have cooled down prior to cleaning. Then clean with warm soapy water on a weekly basis and re-wax once a month to ensure that the quality finish, unique to all Speedy wheels and accessories, is maintained indefinitely.

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